Independent Living Units

In 2008, the first of a series of public meetings were held in Timboon to establish the level of interest in a retirement complex.

Those meetings were well attended and demonstrated a high level of enthusiasm in the community.

Following this meeting, Aberlea Inc. became involved and the plan was put into place to develop and construct a high quality retirement facility on the block of land at Baxter Street in Timboon.

Aberlea Timboon is a subcommittee of Aberlea Inc, whose vision has been to develop a large sustainable facility providing a variety of independent living options for the aged in Timboon.

This facility consists of five x 2- bedroom units, featuring a common room.

These units are built by donations and proceeds of fundraising by the Timboon community. We have a hard working committee in Timboon and it’s great to see the hard work becoming the reality.