Fees & Charges

Fees and charges in residential aged care vary depending on the individual requiring care, their personal circumstances and the facility in which they choose to reside. Unless seeking a financially supported place, the fees at Aberlea Mortlake generally involve :

  • Basic Daily Care fee.

  • Accommodation Payment.

  • Means Tested Care Fee

Basic Daily Care Fee

The government set basic daily care fee covers your day-to-day living costs such as meals, cleaning and laundry. Everyone in residential aged care is required to pay this fee.

The daily care fee is set by the government based on 85% of the Age Pension and will change in relation to pension increases. The current Basic Daily Care Fee is $61.96 per day.

Accommodation Payment

Depending on your income and assets, you may be asked to pay an accommodation payment. The cost of your accommodation payment is dependent on the particular facility and suite you are interested in, as well as on the method in which to choose to pay this fee. The payment options are :

  • Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) Maximum $550,000.
  • Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP).
  • Combination of RAD and DAP.
  • Draw down DAP from Lump Sum RAD.

Refundable Accommodation Payment (RAD)

A RAD is a lump sum payment to the aged care provider. The full RAD amount is refunded upon departure of the facility and is 100% guaranteed by the government.

The maximum RAD payment is up to $550,000. Please contact us to discuss your personal circumstances to determine your applicable RAD amount.

Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

As an alternative to paying your Accommodation Payment as a lump sum, you can pay periodic payments, which are based on a daily fee and billed monthly.

The DAP is not refundable when you leave the aged care facility.

The DAP amount is based on the Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR), which is set by the government, and the agreed price of the room/suite you are interested in. To calculate the equivalent daily accommodation payment (DAP) of a refundable accommodation deposit (RAD), the refundable accommodation deposit (RAD) is multiplied by the maximum permissible interest rate (MPIR).

The current MPIR is 8.34% per annum.

Combination RAD/DAP

You can choose to pay part of your accommodation as a RAD and part as a DAP. DAP amounts will be calculated based on the outstanding RAD amount. Upon leaving the facility, your RAD amount will be refunded but not DAP payments.

Means-Tested Care Fee

If you are in the financial position to contribute to costs related to your care, the Department of Human Services may charge a means-tested care fee. The Department will determine, and inform you, if you are required to pay this fee, which is calculated based on an assessment of your assets and income.

There are annual and lifetime caps set by the government.

The current caps are :

  • Year: $33,309.29

  • Lifetime: $79,942.44

Normally there will be no deductions from the capital value of the refundable accommodation payment while the resident is in care. Residents who choose a combination of RAD and DAP may elect to have the amount of the daily accommodation payment deducted from the capital balance of the refundable accommodation payment.
Accommodation payments can be paid as lump sum amounts, by daily payment or a combination of both. Where accommodation payments are paid by a combination of RAD and DAP, the amount and frequency of the payment will be advised in the offer of care and is determined in conjunction with the resident. Amounts paid as daily accommodation payments are non-refundable.